Allowed Medications

Perhaps you have caught some infection during your pregnancy inspire of taking all those precautions and need to take some medications during pregnancy. But is the medicine safe for you and your baby? This is what we are going to talk about in this article and discuss the safety aspect of different medications during pregnancy.

Before you take any of the medications during pregnancy, ALWAYS consult your doctor.   Doing otherwise can result in some unwanted effects on your baby. The effect of some of the common medication on the unborn baby is still unknown. Therefore, it is very essential to pay special attention to taking the right medications during pregnancy. Remember that this is a crucial time for both you and your baby.

In case you were taking any medications regularly before you got pregnant, you need to discuss the issue with your doctor. He will advise you if you can continue those medications during pregnancy. There are some drugs that are completely safe for the pregnant woman and her unborn child.  And in case of some medicines, you may land in a bigger risk if no taking them.

In case you get prescribed some new medicines by your doctor, than let him know that you are expecting. May be he will change the salt if need be. All prenatal vitamins that are now available are completely safe medications to be taken during pregnancy. Any of the medications during pregnancy like herbal remedies, vitamins or supplements should always be taken under the consultation of a doctor. There are several herbal supplements that are not safe at all for consumption during pregnancy.

Generally, one should avoid taking just any medications during pregnancy. Maybe the salts were safe for you earlier but not anymore, now that you are expecting.

It is universally acknowledged that pregnant women need to exercise regularly and take nutritious foods in order to stay healthy.