Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms may differ from one woman to the other. But it is essential to recognize these symptoms so that we know what is causing them and what is happening inside the body. One of the early pregnancy symptoms is a delayed or a missed menstrual cycle. But it is not a true symptom as a woman may miss her period due to several other reasons.

Many women experience pregnancy symptoms within weeks of conception while they may be completely absent in others. If you are planning to be a mother or think you are pregnant, here are a couple of symptoms to take note of.

Common pregnancy symptoms

  • You may gain weight
  • You may feel nausea and morning sickness
  • You may feel pain and tenderness in the breast
  • You may see swollen ankles and feet
  • You may feel tired and dizzy
  • You may have low back pain and leg cramps
  • Some other pregnancy symptoms include fatigue, vaginal discharge, loss of appetite, frequent urination, Indigestion, gas, craving for certain foods, aversion to some foods etc. As mentioned before, different women may show different pregnancy symptoms week by week.

    It is very important to understand the pregnancy symptoms as each symptom is related to something other than pregnancy. You need to talk about it and discuss these symptoms of pregnancy with your doctor.

    However, by just confirming on these early pregnancy symptoms is not the sure shot way to know if you are pregnant. These symptoms only point out that you may or may not be pregnant. To confirm the pregnancy, you need to undergo a pregnancy test.

    Some women are so familiar with their body that any changes and other symptoms make them very sure if they are pregnant. While with some women, it has been seen that they have no clue if they are pregnant. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, one should keep anĀ  eye on the pregnancy symptoms week by week.

    It is universally acknowledged that pregnant women need to exercise regularly and take nutritious foods in order to stay healthy.