Different Pregnancy Tests

Thanks to the advanced technology, pregnancy tests have become much easier and convenient these days. These tests are important as the women needs to be 100% sure if she is pregnant so as to take care of her health and body so as to give optimum care to the baby growing inside her. Before going into different types of pregnancy tests, let us look into when to take a pregnancy test.

When to take a pregnancy test
You should go for the pregnancy test once you have a missed period and feel nauseated as well as tired almost every day. You may also feel tenderness in the breast. The purpose is to confirm your suspicions if you are pregnant.

Different kinds of pregnancy tests
You will come across may different tests for confirming pregnancy. Some of these are home pregnancy tests. You can also go for online pregnancy tests. The majority of these tests work by measuring the level of the pregnancy hormone in a woman's urine.

With so many different brands and choices available in pregnancy tests, women can often end up getting confused and overwhelmed. If a woman wants to run the test privately she can go for the home pregnancy tests, which just need her to use a test strip and dip it in the urine sample. Any change of color will testify if she is pregnant or not. There is a testing device too use at home for women to test if they are pregnant.

Other best pregnancy tests involve going to the doctor and getting blood tests done. These blood tests confirm pregnancy beyond any doubt. You can go for these blood tests roughly about 7 to 10 days after conception.

These days, you will come across many over the counter tests for pregnancy that are very convenient. In many countries, the government has arranged for free pregnancy tests for woman to raise awareness and promote better health for both the mother and her baby.

Once your home pregnancy test confirms that you are pregnant, you should then visit your doctor and go for any other necessary tests so as to avoid any risk factors in your pregnancy.

It is universally acknowledged that pregnant women need to exercise regularly and take nutritious foods in order to stay healthy.