7 Healthy Eating Habits for Pregnant Moms

It is universally acknowledged that pregnant women need to exercise regularly and take nutritious foods in order to stay healthy. Pregnant women are also encouraged to get a reliable insurance cover even when they are traveling to other countries. This is reason why E111 card is a must-have for those residing within the jurisdiction of the European Union-more especially the UK. The following are 7 healthy eating habits for pregnant moms;

Try to Control Pica
Pica can be defined as the craving for non-food substances like that pregnant moms can find it hard to control. In other cases, it includes things like corn starch and ice cream. Therefore, a pregnant mom will need to do the following;
• Try to talk the issue with the insurance company so that she gets a package that meets her needs.
• Talk to her medical doctor to see if there is an alternative for this craving.
• In case the pregnant mom has craving for certain food, she should consult a medical expert to advice on amounts that she can take on a daily basis and at what intervals.

Include foods rich in folic acids in diet
It is quite vital that you include foods that are rich in folic acids. This is for the sole reason that these foods drastically reduce chances of neural tube defects. In case of deficit, one can suffer spina bifida. You can counter these conditions by eating the following foods;
• Grains
• Pasta
• Rice
• Breads

Use Multi Vitamins
It is essential to use multi vitamins because these will increase the chances of delivering a healthy baby. In fact, it will reduce several medical conditions such as; • Preeclampsia
• Acute constipation
• High blood pressure
It is necessary that you take the pills in accordance with the instructions that have been given by qualified physicians.

Avoid Alcohol and Soft Cheese
Although it has been scientifically proven that a little alcohol after meals is good for digestion, avoid it all cost when pregnant. You should also avoid soft cheese for the benefit of your unborn child as it might lead to health complications. Some of the other foods to avoid include;
• Oysters
• Uncooked sushi
• Undercooked red meat.
You are also advised to limit the amount of fish in your diet because excessive consumption can lead to health complications during pregnancy. You can take at least two serving of fresh fish every week.

The non-alcoholic beverages to avoid
There are several non-alcoholic beverages that you should avoid taking in large amounts because they have a direct effect on the unborn child. These include caffeinated beverages and anything that has excessive coffee. These include;
• Caffeine found in different types of teas
• Caffeine in cocoa
• Chocolate
Alternatively, you should use skim milk which is not only nutritious but quite affordable.

Eat well-cooked eggs
It can be catastrophic if a pregnant woman eats eggs that are not well prepared. You can always have one or two once after very seven days. This is because of the following two main reasons;
• Uncooked eggs might contain salmonella which might cause health complications.
• It does not taste good and this can easily lead to vomiting and other discomforts that can affect the unborn.

Balancing Your Diet
It is vital that you balance your diet so that you can deliver healthy baby. In this case, always have the following in mind;
• Take at least 1000 milligrams of calcium every single day
• Iron should be about 27 milligrams
• Folic acids should be an average of 700 milligrams each day
• Always remember that proteins should be between 70 to 100 grams.

It is essential that you do not miss any appointment with your doctor during your pregnancy. Furthermore, always consult which types of exercises are good to engage in during pregnancy. In case you are traveling abroad, always ensure that you have your e111 card. It is simply the best way to stay and live safely as a pregnant mom abroad. Importantly, never forget to follow the above mentioned 7 healthy eating habits for pregnant moms.

It is universally acknowledged that pregnant women need to exercise regularly and take nutritious foods in order to stay healthy.